USB Travel adaptors and Customized Universal travel adaptors

By | January 30, 2017

Usually when you buy an electronic device, you get a power adaptor that has been designed to suit that model or brand. This is to ensure that the device is not subjected to fluctuating power currents from other third party adaptors which might spoil the device. However, when you are out travelling to a different country, you may not find the OEM power adaptor suitable and would have to rely on a universal travel adaptor to power your device. We areĀ Universal Travel wholesale dealers in India.

It is again not possible to carry a number of power adaptors on your travel for each of the devices you may be using. Universal travel adaptors have been designed to function as an alternative to OEM adaptors. They can be used for a variety of other devices as well and are not brand specific. They offer great value for money in that sense as you only need to carry one universal travel adaptor with usb charging port for all your devices. They come with removable tips that you can take along in a separate case and choose the one that is required or appropriate for your device, saving you space. It is no wonder that they are much sought after as corporate gifts thanks to the hectic travel that corporate executives have to undertake. Contact us for USB Travel adaptors in bulk, Customized Travel AdaptersĀ in India.