USB Travel adaptors and Customized Universal travel adaptors

Usually when you buy an electronic device, you get a power adaptor that has been designed to suit that model or brand. This is to ensure that the device is not subjected to fluctuating power currents from other third party adaptors which might spoil the device. However, when you are out travelling to a different… Read More »

Headphones corporate gift

Gone are the days when you could listen to your favorite music only at home. The walkman, portable compact disc player, ipod were devices that made it possible to carry your favorite music with you but they had their limitations. With smart phones boasting of crisp audio quality speakers, sufficient memory and working on Bluetooth… Read More »

Digital photo frames

We live in a digital world today. The smart phone has become the go to device for all communication, entertainment and information needs. The cameras on these smart phones are becoming better with every new model that is introduced, making these smart phones ideal for clicking photos, videos and selfies. We are digital photo frame manufacturer… Read More »